Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to my Man's Pregnancy Sympathy Blog!

Welcome to baby in my baby! This is a blog telling the story of pregnancy and all the physical, mental, and emotional side effects from an emotionally in tune man's point of view. My name is Justin. I'm 30, married and my wife is now 13 Weeks pregnant with our first baby. The baby is the size of a medium sized shrimp. (there's a website that compares the baby size by week to things found in a kitchen, but I'll go into that more later)

So far I've learned it's hard to know what to do, think or feel half the time, but it's getting easier. She is starting to overcome the morning sickness (no more getting bowls of cereal in bed every morning) and is starting to show more and more all the time.

I'll talk about everything, I want this to be a learning experience for me and other guys out there. We have unique needs that sometimes go neglected (and I'm not just talking about sex by the way).

Either way I'm glad you're here and I hope this can be a learning experience. I'll post more soon.

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