1st Trimester

Since I didn't start blogging until 13 weeks, the start of the 2nd trimester, I'll talk now about what the Morning Sickness Trimester.... I mean the 1st Trimester was like.

That's right, after we saw the plus sign on pregnancy test it was almost instantly intense morning sickness for her from the 3rd week all the way until into the 2nd trimester.

I remember every morning waking up to the sound of her puking for what seemed like several months and I felt sooo bad. I would hold her hair or bring her a glass of water when I could, but it didn't help much. She was miserable and I just tried to comfort her when she went through that.

She still resents hearing about some women that never had any morning sickness at all because her's was so intense in the beginning, but she is thankful that she's not one of the unlucky few that get it during the duration of the entire pregnancy. How miserable would that be? I can't imagine.

If you're in the first trimester you probably want to learn more than I have to tell you here. So here's some links to the week by week happenings on Babycenter. This is our favorite site for tracking the progress of the pregnancy. I suggest following it week by week and reading it to each other:

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