Sunday, October 16, 2011

14 Weeks Pregnant: Morning Sickness is Diminishing, Total Sympathy Weight gained so far = 14 pounds! (1 pound per week)

The morning sickness is diminishing quickly. My wife still gets nauseous occasionally, but at least it's not every morning anymore. For about a month straight or more I would wake up to the sound of her vomiting in our bathroom. It made me sad because I couldn't fully relate. She needed cereal before she got out of bed every morning because the emptier her stomach was, the more she felt sick and this is still true today.

Now we're entering the 2nd trimester at 14 weeks and it seems to be getting better. Our sex life still isn't what it used to be but I'm not worried about it. I know that she doesn't want me when she feels like she might get sick on me and of course that doesn't sound too appealing to me either. I'm nothing if not understanding and am trying not to complain when she needs me. This is good practice for when the baby comes and my time is demanded significantly more.

I weighed myself at the clinic when we went to hear the heartbeat last week, and my current weight is 202 pounds up from 188 pounds when she got pregnant. That's 1 pound a week, WOW, I couldn't believe it! Now that's what they call sympathy weight. I have noticed I have been finding comfort in food more now that she's eating more and it makes her feel better. Perhaps it's psychological... either way I think I'll need to watch what I eat and exercise a bit more to regulate it more.

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