Thursday, December 22, 2011

Women, you are the Superior Sex! You give us Life!

I just need to take a moment to thank women, and in particular, my wife who makes this blog possible and who makes me possible. Without her I would be nothing. Here's a video I made about women being the superior sex. I thought it was relevant to post, because my blog is about how women give life and the messy, uncomfortable burden that comes along with it we call pregnancy. It's also appropriate because I was brought into this world by a wonderful woman, my mother. Now my beautiful wife is now a mother to be with our growing girl inside her who will likely grow up to be a mother herself and repeat this beautiful symphony of life.

I'm so thankful to have so many great women in my life. Men need to start treating all women the way they deserve to be treated. They are the superior sex and we are just here to do our part and support them in any way we can! I'm a sensitive man and try to love everyone just the way they are.

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"Women, you are beautiful just the way all of you are! Don't let a man, any man, or society tell you how to look or act. Love yourself! You are superior to us in every single way. A secret a lot of men don't want to tell you is that you are the superior sex. You need to rise up, and take all of the white man's powerful jobs in the world, and take your rightful place as our better, more intelligent half. This is coming from a man who loves women. I love my mother and I love my wife. Women you are smarter, stop questioning your superiority and embrace it. We love you, on behalf of men, or at least most men."

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